Car Detailing Service

Simple tips for quick car detailing

Before buying a car, you better make sure that you how to maintain it or be able to fix simple problems. In this article we will share some simple tips based on the information gathered from car detailer for quick car detailing process so that you maintain your car very well with the help of these tips.

Cleaning the Interior:
In interior detailing process of your car it includes few steps and processes like:

  • Firstly make sure that you also clean the windows after done interior detailing of your car.

  • While cleaning the windows, also clean the top edge of the window panel properly.

  • Remove the seats completely especially when there are heavy soiling or spills of the carpets in the car seats.

  • While doing interior detailing also check for wire section that they must be located under the car seats and easily get unplugged if required.

  • Vacuum the car mats, carpets and upholstery with the help of different attachments. Then wash the carpets and mats of the car and rinse them properly to remove slipperiness from it.

Cleaning the Exterior:
After completing car interior detailing process, start exterior detailing process. This exterior detailing process includes tire cleaning, polishing, waxing and so on like the same.

  • In exterior detailing process start with the cleaning/washing steps. While doing cleaning always apply branded products instead of any soap water or detergent so that it doesn’t harm your car paint and give your car a new shine.

  • After cleaning or washing process, clean car tires and trim with the help of tire cleaner and microfiber cloth.

  • Then rinse it off with the plain water. And apply polish or wax on the car’s body.

  • For dark colored cars, it is helpful to spray your favorite liquid wax into a dripping wet painted surface after final rinse.

  • If you want to check out about your car paint whether it is clear coat or conventional paint, use a small amount of polishing element in a white cloth and rub lightly in the painted area of the car. If the color comes out after rubbing, then it uses a conventional paint. Otherwise, it is a clear coat.

We hope these tips helped you in complete car detailing process. If you want a professional car detailing service for your car including complete interior and exterior process Visit: